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  • Small Business TV Advertising Strategies

    Small Business TV Advertising

    Small Business TV Advertising Strategies

    Lower the cost of advertising on TV and increase the return

    TV advertising is like any other marketing. It requires planning and a strategy for getting the best return. Small Business TV Advertising Strategies are no different to those used by bigger competitors. We live in an age when low cost technology enables any business to look as big and as professional as they care to, and using technology the right way is key to your TV Advertising strategy.

    Your strategy has 3 parts:

    • Ad production – having the right message
    • Ad placement – Advertising to the right market
    • Ad Response conversion – using technology to provide customers with immediate fulfilment

    Getting Started in TV Advertising

    The biggest mistake you can make in TV Advertising is trying to go too big, too quickly. If you get it wrong, you stand to lose a much bigger investment and if you get it right, you may not be able to handle the demand. Start in a small market, fine tune your strategy and then replicate the successful campaigns in other markets, progressively growing into bigger markets as your cashflow and ability to service customers grows.

    TV Ad Production for small business

    You don't need a holywood actor and highly produced video to succeed with TV Advertising. If you think about the most impacting TV ads you can remember, you will probably realise that more of them were low budget (but professionally produced) ads than high cost ones. You don't want an ad that looks like you threw it together on your notepad, but you can achieve a professionally looking ad from $1,100.

    Don't just use this video on TV. Leverage your investment by placing the video on your Youtube Channel, share it on social media and stream it on your website. When it comes to video, more exposure is always better and in this case "better" means better ranking for your website and more customers.

    Using your website to capture TV Ad Responses

    TV ads often elicit an immediate response from viewers and that means you need to be able to service them immediately. This means either manning the phones 24/7 or using your website to capture responses. Remember, most people don't have a desktop computer next to them when watching TV so your website must be optimised for smartphones (not just iPhones) and tablets because that is what your TV viewers are likely to have at hand.

    Talk to your website developer about creating a mobile optimised landing page for TV Ad responses. Just being viewable on a mobile is not enough. It has to be designed specifically for mobiles to maximise the conversion from viewer to customer. Websites With Purpose can also help with this.

    When a viewer takes an action on the website you need to repond to them immediately so that they feel they have been properly served. Forms should provide an immediate acknowledgement via sms preferably, but at least an email acknowleding the transaction


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