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Free SEO AnalysisIf your website is only found on page 2 of Google, you have already lost 90% of the people searching for your products and services.  If you are on page 3, you may as well be on page 500.

Imagine what your bank account would look like if someone could show you a way to get 3 times more leads than your competition?

Research shows that 75% of searchers only look at the first five results from any search and 90% of searchers don't look beyond page one.  Of the remaining 10%, the number that look at page 3 is too low to measure.  That means being on page one is critical for your business and being in the top five search results will result in three times the business that you would get if you are in the bottom five on page one.  That is why every website needs SEO.

So is SEO safe, and does it work?

Google wants your website to provide quality information in a clear and easy to follow format and they will reward sites that do that with better rankings.  Good SEO is all about optimising your website so that it does exactly that and if you follow the guidlines provided by Google your site will rank well.  It is perfectly safe, and it works.  Trying to shortcut the guidlines by tricking Google is called blackhat SEO and that will get you into trouble, lose your rankings and potentially get your site blacklisted by Google.

Unfortunately seems like every man, his dog cat and his Indian plumber are offering to "do SEO" for you.  But how many really know what they are doing?  Some of these marketers have no clue and will never get your site near page 1 and others have found a blackhat trick that might get your site ranked quickly but at the risk of being blacklisted by Google.

The proof is in the traffic.  Here are a couple of our success stories.

After a short SEO campaign the site ranks in the top three in both Google and Bing searches for 8 high traffic keywords

Number one ranking on Google for the highest traffic keyword for the last eight months

What is a free SEO report Worth to you?

If our free report shows why your website is not ranked in the top five search results what would that be worth to you?  Its a no brainer really.  We will do a free SEO audit and provide a written report on what needs to be changed on your website and what other activities you need done to get your site ranked in the first five search results and help you make more money.

So by now you must be asking yourself, "what is the catch"?  After all there is always a catch.  

So I'm going to be honest with you, there is a catch.

Here it is.  When we send you the report, I'm going to offer to do your SEO for you and I'll include a quote for how much it will cost.  

Yes, thats all the catch there is.  So go ahead and fill out the form for your free SEO analysis and lets get things started.

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