What is the most economic way to promote your website?

Everyone Using Google Adwords Knows the Price Keeps Going Up

A few years ago you could advertise your business using Google Adwords for just a few cents per click.  But as the service became more popular, the cost per click just kept going up.

Regional TV AdvertisingI have clients who are paying $40 per click and more, because they have so much competition for key words.  For many businesses that is just not profitable so we started looking at alternatives.   The biggest surprise of all was when we realised that Regional TV Advertising can cost under $30 for a 15 second ad (we have negotiated some packages for even less).  I had always thought that TV Advertising was out of the price range of any but the biggest business. Boy did I end up with egg on my face!

Gold Coast TV Advertising is 80% cheaper than Brisbane

Lets put this in context.  At $40 per click you get one potential customer visiting your website whereas for less than that, you can present your business to thousands of potential customers.  We just had to include TV advertising in our service mix.  Here are a few more facts that we found as we investigated further:

  • Regional TV ROIROI from Regional TV Advertising is 3 times as high as metropolitan TV advertising
  • Regional TV viewing rates are growing and Pay TV viewers in regional areas are falling
  • People in Regional areas watch more TV and those in metropolitan areas
  • TV Advertising in Regional Australia is as low as 20% of the cost in metropolitan areas
  • The Gold Coast is deemed a regional area for TV advertising pricing and is one of the lowest cost regions in Australia

Of course not every business has to pay $40 ppc and each business has its own demographic to cater to, but I am now a firm believer that every business on the Gold Coast should at least consider the merits of including TV Advertising in their marketing mix, whether looking for direct (phone) response or to drive traffic to a website.

Gold Coast TV AdvertisingWe have now partnered with some of the leading experts on the Gold Coast in campaign programming and video production so that our clients can be assured that they are getting the best quality and lowest cost Gold Coast TV Advertising available. Because TV Advertising is just one of the marketing options we offer, you can be assured that if your business would benefit more from an Adwords campaign, email marketing or simply better SEO we will tell you so.



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