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Expert Joomla SEO to get your website ranked No.1 on Google

Your Joomla website is, or should be, your most powerful money making tool.

It has the potential to reach more new customers than any other marketing medium and for most businesses, at the lowest cost per acquisition.


But that simply won't be the case without applying some expert Joomla SEO.  Websites With Purpose can provide that Joomla SEO expertise.

Joomla SEOSEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is the term used to describe the process of making your website more attractive to Google and therefore improve its ranking for your chosen keywords. SEO requires an understanding of what Google's search "algorythm" looks for and providing it in exactly the way Google prefers. Joomla SEO requires not just SEO expertise but also a detailed understanding of the workings of Joomla itself to deliver the best outcome.


We have the Joomla SEO expertice to get your site to the top of Google searches and the track record to prove it. We have been getting Joomla websites to No.1 ranking with Google for over 5 years and we can do the same for you. Call us today on 0414 909 759 for reference sites.


Successful Joomla SEO has four distinct elements:

Google's aim is to deliver the most relevent content for a given search. The content must be:

  • Unique
  • Relevent
  • Fresh

Google uses software to assess your website, not human eyes. This means that for successful Joomla SEO you must have the page structured in a way that is most easy for Google to assess and navigate. This means the correct utilisation of:

  • Metatags
  • Heading tags
  • Alt tags
  • URL
  • Keyword density
  • Internal links and more.

Your site needs links from other sites but those links are more heavily scrutinised by Google now and simply buying links from a linkfarm can actually do more harm than good. Our Joomla SEO process includes the generation of quality backlinks.

You don't buy a production ford and expect it to win a V8 Supercar race without a few aftermarket tools. The same applies to your Joomla website. Successful Joomla SEO requires the use of the right tools, some provided by Joomla extension developers and some provided by Google themselves. We install and configure those tools for your website and turn your vehicle into the high powered marketing maching that is should be.


If your website is not producing the results you want, contact Websites With Purpose today for a free SEO audit of your site with recommendations.

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