Joomla Website Security & Upgrades

How much would it cost you if your website was hacked today?

Joomla SecurityEvery website is constantly under attack. Its not because of who you are or what kind of business you have, its simply that attacks are mostly impersonal software robots constantly attacking every url they find. We can't stop you from being a target, but we can greatly minimise the risk of a successful hack.

Why isn't Joomla 100% secure?

Its what we refer to in Australia as “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. The most successful and popular website platforms draw the most attention from people wanting to attack them. Joomla and Wordpress are by far the most powerful and popular website platforms and therefore they get the most attention. Having said that, the number of successful hacks of well maintained Joomla websites is tiny.  With the right precautions and maintenance Joomla is a very secure platform.  Sites not up to date are the ones most likely to get hacked.

Whenever a Joomla security update is released, the reasons for the update are published so that developers can make sure their extensions are also secure. Unfortunately those release notes by definition give hackers hints of what to look for in older versions. It is not surprising then that the time a Joomla Website is most vulnerable is in the period between a security update being released and when it is actually applied to a site.

Websites With Purpose Joomla Website Security and Upgrade Package

What do we offer:

  1. Installation of Website Application Firewall

  2. Site Audit for unused extensions and incorrect file permissions

  3. Staging site on our local server for testing updates

  4. Immediate updates of the Joomla software as they become available

  5. Immediate updates of third party extensions as they become available

  6. Scheduled offsite backups saved to Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive

  7. Regular scanning for :

    1. Site Extensions Vulnerabilityies

    2. Core Files Changed

    3. Viruses and Malware

  8. Malware Removal and deep scanning of site

We also rescue hacked Joomla websites.  If your site has been hacked, or you want maximum protection from hacking, call Rod on 0414 909 759 immediately.


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