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How much would it cost you if your website was hacked today?

Joomla SecurityEvery website is constantly under attack. Its not because of who you are or what kind of business you have, its simply that attacks are mostly impersonal software robots constantly attacking every url they find. We can't stop you from being a target, but we can greatly minimise the risk of a successful hack.

Why isn't Joomla 100% secure?

Its what we refer to in Australia as “Tall Poppy Syndrome”. The most successful and popular website platforms draw the most attention from people wanting to attack them. Joomla and Wordpress are by far the most powerful and popular website platforms and therefore they get the most attention. Having said that, the number of successful hacks of well maintained Joomla websites is tiny.  With the right precautions and maintenance Joomla is a very secure platform.  Sites not up to date are the ones most likely to get hacked.

Whenever a Joomla security update is released, the reasons for the update are published so that developers can make sure their extensions are also secure. Unfortunately those release notes by definition give hackers hints of what to look for in older versions. It is not surprising then that the time a Joomla Website is most vulnerable is in the period between a security update being released and when it is actually applied to a site.

Websites With Purpose Joomla Website Security and Upgrade Package

What do we offer:

  1. Installation of Website Application Firewall

  2. Site Audit for unused extensions and incorrect file permissions

  3. Staging site on our local server for testing updates

  4. Immediate updates of the Joomla software as they become available

  5. Immediate updates of third party extensions as they become available

  6. Scheduled offsite backups saved to Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive

  7. Regular scanning for :

    1. Site Extensions Vulnerabilityies

    2. Core Files Changed

    3. Viruses and Malware

  8. Malware Removal and deep scanning of site

We also rescue hacked Joomla websites.  If your site has been hacked, or you want maximum protection from hacking, call Rod on 0414 909 759 immediately.


Responsive Templates for Joomla

With over 30% of your site visitors, or potential site visitors browsing the internet on mobile devices Responsive Templates for Joomla are no longer considered a technology fad - they are essential for online success.

We specialise in Responsive Template design for new and existing Joomla websites.  That's right, you don't need to migrate your Joomla 1.5 website to Joomla 3 to have a responsive template.

For the unitiated, a responsive template is designed to automatically change your website to suit the device it is being viewed on.  The content van be reorganised into a single column on a smartphone and menus simplified for tablets etc.  In other words you have one single template that looks different on different devices rather than creating 4 or more different templates.


Its all about providing you site visitors with the best possible experience, keeping them on your site for longer and converting more sales. 

Responsive Templates for Joomla 1.5

If you have an existing Joomla 1.5 website and you're happy with the way it looks on a pc we can create a new responsive template that replicates the current templates look and feel.  You can go responsive without having to migrate your site.  As a bonus, we will provide an identical Joomla 3 compatible bootstrap version for free so when you are ready to migrate your website your template is ready for you as well.

Cantact Websites With Purpose for a friendly discussion on your responsive template needs today.

Websites With Purpose is Different


Website Design needs more than just a Geeks-Eye view of the world

Most (but sadly not all) web developers can produce a technologically correct website design for you.  But your website should be more than just technology.  Your website could enhance your marketing, sales, service delivery, customer support, employee services, business processes and much much more. But to do so requires an understanding of your business by the developer.  That is why Websites With Purpose is different.

Rod FarrellRod Farrell, the founder of Websites With Purpose has over 20 years experience in small business management, marketing and sales in addition to his IT and Web Design and Development experience. We understand that more technology is the last thing most businesses need. 

Websites With Purpose Business Starter Website

In uncertain economic times business owners understand the need for ongoing marketing while also keeping expenditure under control.

The internet is obviously an important market place that is growing more important every month - but how do you get a presence without blowing your budget?  At Websites With Purpose we empathize with your dilemma and are pretty confident that we have come up with a solution that meets both needs.  How about.....

A CMS Small Business Website package

Small Business WebsiteWe have introduced a limited time offer of a small business internet starter package that includes:

  • 5 page website
  • Image Slideshow
  • Self edit pages to reduce ongoing cost
  • Responsive template
  • World class CMS to allow unlimited future growth
  • Integration with Social Media and Google Places
  • Sitemap submission to search engines
  • Tutorial video

This is a quality website that you can expand on in the future without any fear of losing your initial investment.  Its built on the Joomla CMS platform that powers sites for some of the largest corporate and educational websites in the world.  In the future you can add a shopping cart, booking system, turn it into a membership site, a blog or just keep adding new content.  The future of your website is only limited by your imagination.  You can even change the look and feel of the site without losing any of the content.


Before making any decision on a new Small  Business Website contact me at Websites With Purpose on 0414 909 759


Easy Landing Page

www.choosingbusiness.comEasy Landing Page is a prepackaged website for promoting your business opportunity and capturing visitors email addresses into an iContact autoresponder account.  This is designed for members of Dual Networking but will suit any other autoresponder based marketing system.

The site consists of two content pages, a contact page and iContact subscription forms.  The site is built using the Joomla Content Management System so you can add more pages any time you want.


How Do You Use It?

Before you can have a website, you need a domain name.  These can be purchased from many websites such as for as little at $6.  Given that your opportunity is international a .com name is best and cheapest.

The site package includes 1 year of hosting provided by Websites With Purpose.  When you confirm your order simply provide your domain name, a site name if different from the domain, contact name and email address and we will create your hosting account and install the website.  Before anyone can find the site you will need to redelegate the domain name to the Websites With Purpose server.  We will provide the name.server details or if you prefer you can provide us with the login details to manage your domain and we will redelegate for you.  We do not store login details after they have been used.

Once the website is up and running you will need to customise the content both to reflect your business approach and also so that Google does not “sandbox” your site (not index it) for providing duplicate content.  We will provide login details to your site and a link to video tutorials on how to edit the content.

You will also need to create an iContact account and create a login form from the iContact page that you can cut and paste into your website. We can provide assistance if needed.

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