Imagine you are sitting in an airport lounge late one Friday afternoon. You have just had a very positive business meeting with a client who has given you the best testimonial you have ever heard. You have 20 minutes to boarding time. You fire up your notebook, log onto your website and paste the testimonial into the front page and click PUBLISH. Now you have a problem. What are you going to do with the remaining 15 minutes until you board the plane?


With a traditional website you would have sent an email to your web development company asking for a quote to upgrade the front page, waited until Monday to get the quote, sent off an approval including detailed instructions on what you want done. Then you wait. And wait., actually you probably wouldn't have even bothered because it was just too much hassle.

Traditionally Content Management Systems have been seen as very SEO unfriendly. In the case of Joomla! CMS that is no longer the case for a couple of reasons.

  1. Open Source projects like Joomla! have an army of supporters constantly developing the core system as well as extentions that can improve the system. One of the areas where Joomla! at least has seen huge advancements is in the SEO tools available to users. And like Joomla! Many of these tools are free.

  2. Blogs. Like CMS, many blogs have dynamically generated pages which search engines have traditionally disliked. But the popularity of blogs seams to have lead search engines to develop much better ways of handling dynamic pages.

One of the key advantages offered by Open Source CMSs like Joomla! is that anyone can quickly learn to develop a website. That's all very well if you have the time to learn. For most businesses it makes more sense to pay a professional to develop the initial site, but you should always make sure the developer gives you sufficient training and access permissions so that you can take control of your content once the initial project is completed.


  • Most Computer Programmers know zip about marketing
  • No-one knows your business like you do
  • Your website is POTENTIALLY the most influential and profitable marketing document your company owns

You can't afford to risk leaving control of your website content in the hands of a programmer.

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