"I have a friend that is really good with computers" - Your website is not about computers - it is a marketing tool. Just because someone is good with computers doesnt mean they understand the marketing implications of the technical, structural and content options available to website developers.  Getting any of those three things wrong can cost you thousands of visitors. Approaching your website from a technology viewpoint is a very expensive mistake and will not achieve your marketing goals.  Having a website that screams "I know how to use all the latest techno gadgets" will not help you sell perfume, real estate or whatever else your business sells.

"I'm a small local business - I don't need a website" - Your prospective customers will visit your website to assess your credibility.  Having a poor website or no website at all says a lot about your business.  A quality website can cost less than a listing in the Yellow Pages and will be seen by a lot more people, especially if linked to Google Local and other free directories.

"I'm a new business, I'll look into getting a website in the future" - Your website is a key component in your marketing.  Your domain name (website address) should be included on all of your marketing collateral from business cards to letterheads, signage and print advertising.  For this reason your website creation should be at the top of your to-do list.  If not you will spend a lot more money down the track replacing your other marketing collateral.

"My son (cousin, neighbour etc etc) said they will do a website for me" - Again this can be an expensive mistake and not just for the reasons given at number 1.  Unless your relative or friend os a professional website developer you are almost certain to run into delays in the completion of the project if it ever gets finished at all.  The internet is littered with half finished websites started by well meaning friends or relatives who got distracted for one reason or another or who did not understand the importance of getting sufficient information to complete the project before they got started. 

"I'll just get a free site on Myspace (Facebook etc)" - Again this comes down to credibility.  If you don't have your own domain name your site will look amaturish and unprofessional.  Real businesses have real websites.  By all means utilise Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and as many other social networking sites as you can manage on an ongoing basis - but use them to drive traffic to your own domain.

Websites With Purpose understands that you need results from your website.  Its not just a nice thing to have and its not about spending a lot of money on technology that makes your website developer happy.  We will create an attractive website with content that actually makes you money by attracting new customers, building your credibility and generating sales online or offline.  We build Search Engine Optimised sites so that you don't have to spend a lot of money later on and we do it at a price you can afford now. 

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