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A CMS Website makes sense for both small business and large enterprises

Websites With Purpose is the home of Rod Farrell.  I'm a Gold Coast Queensland based website developer with  5 years experience developing websites using Joomla CMS, and prior to that, 10 years of HTML development. My team and I also design and develop Wordpress sites where appropriate.  Wordpress is a cms that is more focused toward blog sites.

My philosophy is that your website must deliver results.  Results are more important than the technology which is why I consider myself a website developer and not just a Joomla developer.  I use Joomla CMS more often than other tools simply because it allows the rapid development of SEO friendly sites. Also, on completion the owner of a cms website can take control of the site and manage the site content without being dependent on a web developer.

SEO - For a site to deliver, it has to be seen by Google. 

This means that your website must be search engine friendly and this needs to be designed in, not tacked on afterwards.  Modern CMS websites do this very well BUT layout and structure are critical and make an enormous difference to how Google sees your site.  Below is an example of a real website that I recently replaced.  It looks great to the human eye, but is based 100% on graphics.  The target market will never see this:

Because all Google can see is this:

Now this is not faked - it is a real live website that the owner paid good money for.  And it is not unique.  Many sites are designed using 100% images or Flash. Unfortunately because the website consists of graphics only, the only way any traffic ever reaches this site is through very expensive adwords.  This is a classic example of a developer focusing on pretty graphics and forgetting the whole purpose of the website in the process.  IF NO-ONE CAN FIND YOUR SITE IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!


Website Maintenance

In addition to developing new websites we are also happy to take over maintenance of "orphaned" Joomla sites - that is, sites that the original developer is no longer supporting.  This includes upgrading to the latest Joomla version (important for ensuring you have the latest security patches) and making sites compatible with the latest browsers.  Sites optimised for IE6 (or rather hacked around to make them work in that non-compliant browser) often don't display correctly in modern browsers.

Whatever your Website needs, give me a call on 0414 909 759. 

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