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Getting the most from Joomla with Video Tutorials

This area contains a number of user guides that I have written as well as some that I have copied from and enhanced with a focus on features used most heavily in websites developed by Websites With Purpose.  This includes user guides and video tutorials for extensions that I commonly use.

New guides and video tutorials are being added all the time so bookmark this page.  As well as Joomla tutorials there are also tutorials on commonly used tools such as Gimp.  Basically I create tutorials as I get requests from users.

There is a lot more information at and I would encourage Joomla fans to use that resource as well.  

htaccess and php

How to set PHP version with htaccess

Sometimes after upgrading a Joomla website you may find that you hosting account is run on an old incompatible version of PHP. Joomla 3 requires a minimum php version of 5.3.1 and prefers 5.4.  In this video we look at how you can set a different PHP version to be used if it is available on your website server.

Using Joomla Language Overrides

Changing standard wordings in Joomla and Joomla components is easy with the Languge Overide Function in the control panel.

Optimising Headings in Joomla Blogs

H1 and H3 heading tags should only show once on any page but how do you use those headings in blog pages and show summaries of those pages on a blog list?  The answer is to use Joomla's Read More and...

Accessing Your Google Analytics account

If Websites With Purpose built your Joomla website and created a Google Webmaster Tools account for you, we would have added Google Analytics to your site.  This tutorial shows you haw to access your account.

How to add Hikashop Category Listings to a Joomla Menu

Hikashop is one of the easier to use shopping carts for Joomla.  Adding category listings to a menu item is different to other Joomla menu items but this tutorial shows you how.

How to add Tienda Category Listings to a Joomla Menu

Tienda is one of the most powerful shopping carts for Joomla.  Adding category listings to a menu item is very easy and intuitive.  This tutorial shows you how.

Keeping Your Joomla Website Secure and Up To Date

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems in the world with over 2.5% of all websites now built on Joomla.  This also makes it a target for hackers so you need to be vigilant about applying any security patches as soon as they are released, just as you would with any other business software.  This tutorial shows how easy that is.

Video Tutorial - How to change the image thumbnail sizes in Hikashop

Changing the image thumbnail display in Hikashop Shoppingcart is easier than any other shopping cart I've tried.

Video Tutorial - Introduction to Editing Content in Joomla 2.5 

In this video I introduce you to the Edit Article area in the Joomla 2.5 back end.  Suitable for the novice.

Car Park Booking System

Airport Carpark Booking

click and collect website

Click and Collect Website

ecommerce websites

eCommerce Website

Boat Hire Booking System

BBQ Boat Hire Bookings

Online Appointment Setting System

Appointment Bookings

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