Social Media Strategy - Facebook Changes For Business

2018 Means a New Social Media Strategy

Changes to Facebook's feed algorithm announced by Mark Zuckerberg mean users will see less posts from publishers and businesses starting in January 2018.  The stated aim is to facilitate more engagement with family and friends, and have less "clickbait", fake news and surveys such as "which Disney Character are you?".  For businesses that have become dependent on Facebook, these changes need to be understood and their social media strategy modified and monitored as the algorithm is fine tuned.

social media strategySo what does it all mean for you?  To start with, Facebook will still work for businesses.  Quite simply, they are dependent on advertising revenue so they have to make sure that businesses are still being served.  It is likely though that you will have to work harder, and possibly pay more, to get business from Facebook.

Key observations (and personal opinions) of the changes that you now need to consider for your 2018 Social Media Strategy:

  1. I personally am happy to see less "Only Geniuses Will Solve This" and "You won't believe How She Did This" type posts
  2. Business Posts will have a much smaller exposure and it will be more important than ever to build your list of followers
  3. Business activity on Facebook will need a greater focus on engaging with followers.  That means making interesting posts and participating in the discussion about those posts.
  4. Business Owners should develop their personal following by becoming "industry influensers" rather than just promoting their product in order to be seen by the maximum number of people.
  5. Paid advertising will become more important and costs may go up with greater competition.  Successful advertisers will also have developed a following to increase their credibility and will have a well developed sales funnel in place.

For Businesses that have depended on Facebook as their sole source of leads this is not the end of the world but it is a timely warning against depending on any single platform that you can't control for your sales.  We should have learned that from the MySpace experience a decade ago but it seems memories are short.  Every business should have their own website that they control where leads are sent and captured.  This should preferably be a website built on an open source CMS so that you keep ownership and control.  

Every business should have a presence on multiple social media platforms so that when one changes the rules, you are not starting from scratch with a new platform.  In 2018 we need to be thinking about an online ecosystem where our social media, email, SEO, Adwords and website marketing are working together. For Social Media we recommend Facebook (branding and lead generation), LinkedIn (branding, partnerships and lead generation) Youtube (branding and SEO) and Google My Business (search and SEO) as the minimum for most businesses. 

Do you need to review your social media strategy?  Contact Websites With Purpose today for a free review.

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