Looking For A Website Developer?

Business Websites Require Business Understanding

The internet is littered with expensive websites that have failed. They will never be found by the target market and will never be a source of income for the business that paid for them.   Quite simply, the website owner didn't choose the right website developer.

Who will you choose to build your website?

Page SpeedThe Graphic Artist.  A graphic artist is an expert at creating beautiful images.  A business website is a sales and marketing tool that must be found and understood by Google.  Google doesn't see pictures, and actually penalises website rankings of sites that have too many pictures making them slow to load.   Websites are not about pretty pictures.

The IT Guy.  Websites created by the IT Guy tend to focus on technology, and the more technology the better.  The IT Guy tends to base his sales pitch around "I've got the best technology".  Websites are not about technology.

The Business Focused Website Developer.  At Websites With Purpose we are business focused website developers.  We understand that your website is a business tool that is all aboout sales and marketing.  It must be found by Google first and when visitors come to the site, they should be lead to make a decision about doing business with you whether that means making a purchase, making a booking or making contact.  Websites ARE about improving your business. 

If your website is not making you money, it is costing you money!

We understand business and will design your website to meet your business needs.

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