Free TV Everywhere

Why Advertise on Free TV?

Because Free TV is everywhere

In the rush to find new customers on new media (social media etc) are you ignoring a pot of gold in the form of old media (Free TV) advertising?

Advertising on Free TV channels gives you immediate exposure to thousands of potential customers and can cost as little as $60 per 15 second ad.  Australian retailers spend more on Free TV advertising than any other advertising medium for a very good reason.  It works!

No longer restricted to the lounge room, Free TV is viewed everywhere from the big screen in your family room to the computer in your study and the tablet in your kids bedroom and on your smartphone wherever you are.

Websites With Purpose is now offering TV Advertising as part of our promotional mix to drive business to you either direct or via your website.  For a free quote on an advertising campaign to drive dollars into your bank account call Rod on 0414 909 759 today.

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