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Don't Get Ripped Off

So you have come up with a great business idea and need a website to launch it.

You could pay anywhere from $24 to $154 for a domain name, depending on who you buy it from.  Or you can get one for free from Siteground.

Don't be mislead, a domain name is exectly the same, no matter what you pay for it, so why wast your money?

There is a huge variation in the price of domain names simply because unscrupulous businesses can get away with charging more when their customers don't know the difference.

I recommend Siteground hosting to my clients, not just because they offer a free domain name.  That is a bonus.

Siteground specialise in hosting for Wordpress and Joomla websites offering enhanced security, fast servers, caching tools for making your site load fatser and a range of other site management tools they have developed.  Even better, they are a very low cost hosting company.

Look at this comparison with one of Australias best know hosting companies:

Website Hosting Comparison

I've included the cost of an SSL certificate because Google is now pushing for all sites to have SSL certificates for added security and is likely to start incorporating that into its ranking algorythm soon.

Both hosting accounts above are "starter" accounts.  To get the "super cacher" tools for Wordpress and Joomla you should get the Siteground Grow Big plan which is $95.40.  Those tools are not available from the other company.  You can see the range of hosting plans offered by Siteground HERE

For the record, I get an affiliate commission from Siteground for each new account. 




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