Profit From Your Passion

Membership websites mean anyone can make money doing what they love most

At a time when job satisfaction is at an all time low, the internet offers more opportunity to break out of the rut than we have ever seen before.  Of course you have to cut through the get rich quick scams and promises to find real business opportunities.  One of those opportunities takes the form of membership sites and subscription based tutorials.

Membership WebsiteMembership sites provide a framework for you to take the thing you love doing most, whether that is cooking, training dogs, losing weight, DIY or whatever your passion is, and selling your knowledge in the form of online tutorials.

Our membership sites include:

  • A fully responsive Joomla cms (self edit) website
  • Document management system to keep your content secure
  • Membership / Subscription system with automatic renewals and expiry
  • Multiple membership levels and pricing
  • Shopping cart to sell subscriptions and related products
  • Tools for presenting text, audio or video content
  • Ticketing system for providing support to members
  • User tutorials so that you can get the most from your site
  • Ongoing mentoring to help your manage and market your site and develop content

In short, we will provide the tools and support you need.  All you need is to find your passion. 

When the whole world is your audience, every niche, no matter how narrow, has the potential to be profitable and we would love to discuss your ideas with you and help you to turn them into a profitable membership website.


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