Restaurant Apps

Australian Restaurants Grow with Online Apps

Australian's are spontaneous diners.  86% of restaurant bookings are made within 6 hours of dining so your restaurant needs to be able to accept bookings from customers, whereever those customers are whether they are at work, in a train, in a car or sitting at home.

If you have a restaurant you need to be available to your customers anywhere and anytime.

Restaurant Reservation and bookingAppWe don't just do mobile websites with menus.  We custom design an online ordering and booking system that can incorporate some or all of:

  • Mobile Websites 
  • IPhone Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Facebook page

And on each of these platforms include:

  • Easily updated Food and Beverage menus
  • Online Reservations
  • Online Ordering 
  • eMarketing
  • Loyalty Programs

and so much more.

We can even incorporate your online booking and reservation system into your existing website.

Mobile Apps vs Mobile Websites

Our mobile app is much more than a mobile website.  When your customer loads your app on to their phone, they have instant access to your online reservation and ordering system but you also have instant access to send them special offers, reminders and messages via sms and email.  It becomes your most powerful marketing tool.  We take you that next step into "push marketing" where you can decide when you need to boost bookings, when you need to boost takeaway orders and you can do it at the click of a button.  It is instant.

Call us for a demonstration of a restaurant app designed for your business.

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