Mobile Apps for Cafes and Restaurants

Cafe App

Having Your Own Mobile App






For Coffee Shops, Cafes and Restaurants your online app is now more important than your website

Your customers love the convenience of:

  • Easy ordering drinks or food in advance ready for pickup
  • Custom order items
  • Google Maps directions to your door
  • Easy online reservations
  • Electronic Loyalty Program

and much more.  If you don't have a mobile app, they will go to your competitors.


Mobile Apps in Your Brand and Style

Unlike portal apps, we customise and brand your app for your business so you do business the way you want to.

Food and Drink Orders

Multi menus for Food and or Drinks. Custom orders (ie. Add or remove toppings etc) for pickup or delivery and NO MARGINS Paid TO MARKETERS. How much more productive could your staff be if they didn't have to answer the phone so often to take orders?

Orders can be automatically or manually accepted and restricted to your preferred hours.

Google Directions

Your customers will have no trouble finding you with Google maps and directions live on their phone.

Apps for All Mobile Platforms

We provide your App for Android and Apple phones and tablets as well as Windows devices so every smart phone owner can access your app.


86% of reservations in Australia are made within 4 hours of the sitting. Online reservations make it easier for your customers and that means more reservations for you.  Most online orders are now made via a mobile device and consumers have shown a strong preference for mobile phone reservation apps.

Staff Order Management

Admin website for managing orders and reservations as they arrive from a tablet of computer.

Using Restaurant Apps to Increase Business

Why wait for customers to come to you when you could be pushing offers and promotions out to your customers phone to drive business to you, when you need it most.

Push Marketing

Don't keep looking at the door hoping for more customers. Your App allows you to push offers and promotions directly to your customers phone to prompt additional orders and reservations when you need them most. Your admin website gives you the power to make offers at short notice and our reporting allows you to analyse the response to each offer to help you improve your future campaigns.

Take Orders on Your Facebook Page

The Ordering and Reservation system is also available on your Facebook page so you can dominate Social Media too

Take Orders onYour Website

Your App is a mobile interface to a powerful online ordering and reservation system and the same functionality can be added to your website (yes even your existing site).  If you don't need a new website we can simply plug the online ordering and reservation system into almost any existing website.

No Commissions

Popular Restaurant portals take up to 12% commission on orders placed through their apps and websites. We only charge a small fixed monthly license and support fee so the profits from your increased business is all yours to keep.

Our Restaurant Apps are more than just a menu. Each app is a Mobile / Social Media / Website marketing, reservation and order generation and fulfillment system designed to grow your business.

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