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A Small Business Website is your most powerful business generating tool - if done right



At Websites With Purpose we are passionate about small business.  Small businesses provide 90% of employment in Australia and are absolutely essential to our success as a nation and as individuals.  Every Australian is dependent on the small business sector although you would never know it from the way we are treated by governments and financial institutions who think small business owners have the time and resources to deal with ever rising mountains of red tape and legislation.  We know differently.  We understand that for small business cashflow is king and a small business website must make you money.

A small business website needs to be easily found on Google and when found  it must be easy for your visitors to navigate and make purchasing or contact decisions.  So what do we put into a small business website?

  • The worlds most popular CMS (Joomla) so that editing page content is easier for you than using a word processor
  • Researched keyword rich content that is useful for your visitors and equally liked by Google
  • Clear, easy to see navigation
  • Clear impossible to miss calls to action to maximise your conversion rates
  • XML sitemap to tell Google exactly what it needs to know to rank your page
  • Search Engine friendly page design

All of this adds up to a Small Business Website that attracts new customers for your business.

What a Small Business Website should not be:

  • A generic cookie cutter site that can't be optimised for search
  • A site rich with expensive Flash animations that Google hates and can't be viewed on most mobile devices
  • A site full of heavy graphics that show off a graphic designers talents but does nothing for your business
  • A site that costs you hard earned dollars every time you want to make a minor change to text

Don't waste your time with Graphic Artists and IT graduates who don't get small business.  Your Small Business Website is not an IT project or a platform for a graphic artist to show off his latest tools.  What it is, is potentially the most powerful, cost effective marketing tool your business has.  But only someone who understands Small Business and specialises in Small Business Website design can deliver that potential.  Its what we do. 

Contact Rod on 0414 909 759 to discuss your needs before you make any decision about your website.

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